Monday, September 17, 2012

Doctor Who: A Myers-Briggs Type Analysis

So it would be sufficient to say that my roommate and I are obsessed with the Myers-Briggs personality theory (or at least she humors my obsession). Thus typing every person we've encountered in our lives, including those that are fictional. There are other blogs that discuss Myers-Briggs typing of various characters from literature and television, and they are quite enjoyable, but I have yet to find one that types the characters of the most wonderful show within all of time and space......DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOOO WEEEE DOOOOOOOOOO. And as a bonus this also serves as an excellent way to continue not doing work for my actual psychology classes.

The Doctor (ENFP): ENFPs are accurately nicknamed the "Inspirers," which happens to be one of the Doctor's best talents. The Doctor is a extroverted people centered NF who has the drive to be both a champion and a mentor for others. Like any good P he has no capacity for staying in any place for an extended period of time, and is always living in a world of possibility, understandably so considering all of time and space available to him.

Amy(ENTJ): Amy is anything but easy to understand, but I have finally decided that she is an ENTJ. Her E may not be strong, but I do believe it's prominent over the I inside of her. Like the ENTJs she displays a take-charge personality type and sometimes has a difficult time understanding the perspectives of others, especially Rory, and often deals badly with emotionally packed situations. She's valuable for her mental strength, confidence, decisiveness, and quick action. Plus she's ginger. That's important.

Rory(ISFJ): Rory is everything good about an ISFJ. He's loyal, faithful, dependable, and funny. Although loved by both Amy and the Doctor his good deeds are often overshadowed. Geez, he stood outside a box for 2000 years and almost shacked up with a 60 year old Amy. Although normally someone with this personality type might not be an ideal companion for the Doctor, his love for Amy and the Doctor eventually force him to become acclimated to the unconventional chaos that is adventuring with the Doctor.

River(ENTP): River's insane, brilliant, and exciting. The NT rational in her makes her an excellent strategist, while the P reflects her amazing flexibility in situations. Her E complimented by the N is shown through her ability to understand people, push their buttons, and unabashedly get in their face while pwning their ass, or maybe she just keeps all her awesomeness in her beautiful hair.

Donna(ESFJ): I love Donna. She's loud and boisterous and isn't afraid to set the Doctor straight. Plus she's the only companion sensible enough not to fall in love with him, not even a little bit. Nonetheless she's extremely caring and protective of the Doctor, using her SF status to effectively combine a practical view and warm nature, something that the doctor often needs.

Martha(INTJ): Martha may not have been the most effervescent of companions, but you can't say she didn't get shit done. Brilliant and insightful, methodical, and took down the fucking master with honestly very little help from the Doctor. Though she's not my favorite companion, she was without a doubt everything a genius INTJ can possibly be.

Rose(INFJ): Over the two seasons with Rose as a companion you learn that there is so much more to her than a first impression as a pretty girl working in retail who hasn't quite gotten her life together. The NF in her is deeply people oriented and she's unable to resist the pull the Doctor has over her, falling deeply in love with him and going with her gut feeling that she's made the right choice by staying with him. Rose is good with people, but simultaneously reserved when it comes to sharing her feelings. She's intelligent and intuitive, with an almost instinctual talent for fixing crazy situations without much strategic thought behind the solutions.

Jack(ESFP): Oh Jack. The most stereotypical ESFP that ever was. The charming, fun-loving ultimate attention whore. He's just here for the party, and he has a time-traveling space ship to get to ALL of them. Also best Jack quote ever "You're straight? So is spaghetti till you heat it up."

TARDIS (INFP)- Remember that one episode where she was an actual human being. Well she's an INFP. Her NF is shown in her deep care for the doctor and those he travels with. She's quite the mysterious one. She's unpredictable when it comes to where the Doctor ends up, but reliable in that she intuitively gets the Doctor to the right place, even if it wasn't what was expected.

Hope you enjoyed this and please comment all your various thoughts and feelings. This is something I enjoy talking about immensely, and the more you can feed my obsessions the happier I'll be.

Fun Side Note: I had a research meeting with a professor the other day who happens to love Doctor Who. She has TARDIS earrings, various posts on her board outside her office from herself and other students about the show, and a blue smart car with the license plate TARDIS1. I told her about this post because I was entirely too excited about it and kind of expected us to have a moment where we realized we were kindred spirits. I'm pretty sure I received simultaneous looks of judgement, admiration, and confusion. I'm still a little impressed and saddened by the fact that I out-nerded a Neuroscience/Psychology professor. I also typed her as an INTP. I have problems.


  1. You have too much time on your hands. :)

  2. I don't know you....but you are amazing! I ran across this while doing my own Meyers-Briggs typing of this show.

  3. Honestly, Eleven seems a lot more like an ENTP to me, however, Ten does appear to be a strong candidate for the ENFP type in my opinion.

    1. Honestly, I'd have to disagree. To me Eleven seems to be more emotion-orientated than any other Doctor I've seen. It's almost subtle, but his emotions effect his decisions a lot, he tends to go with what he feels rather than sit and asses the situation.

    2. I agree 11 is ENXP but I don't think 10 is an extrovert. He strikes me as more a INFP...

  4. Just had to stop and thank you for not typing Amy as an INFP. I have seen that on several sites and think it's CRAZY. ENTJ seems much better! I think you are right on with the rest, though I could see the Doctor as a T or I in some ways. He is FOR SURE an N and P :)

  5. I'm Rose! This was fun to read, I love Myers-Briggs too!

  6. Awesome stuff, I definitely agree with your assessments!

  7. amy is definetly NOT entj, shes way too emotional

  8. I don't think Rose is INFJ... not sure what I'd call her but definitely not INFJ